Supplier Diversity

Supplier Diversity is a critical component of BNY Mellon’s Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity and Inclusion, and Community Reinvestment approach. Our Supplier Diversity Program represents an ongoing effort to integrate and promote our values with our clients, shareholders, and workforce by offering diverse and small companies a level playing field upon which to compete with bigger and more established companies for our business.

The Program includes companies that are owned and operated by minorities, women, veterans, service-disabled veterans, people with disabilities, LGBTQ individuals, and small businesses. We value third-party diverse certification (or equivalent documentation) to provide assurance that a company has diverse ownership. We recognize certificates from various organizations including (but not limited to) the National Minority Supplier Development Council; Women’s Business Enterprise National Council; National Veteran-Owned Business Association; Disability:IN; National LGBT Chamber of Commerce; and local, state, and federal certifying agencies. Our Program also welcomes international diverse suppliers based outside of the United States with diverse-ownership certificates or equivalent documentation.

BNY Mellon uses this Supplier Registration Portal for diverse suppliers to express interest in working with our company. If your firm is not a current supplier, you may register your company on our portal. Be sure to be thorough and communicate your company’s unique value proposition to BNY Mellon. Please revisit your profile regularly to ensure it is up to date.

It is a policy of BNY Mellon that diverse suppliers have the maximum amount of opportunities to participate in our supplier contracts. Suppliers that provide subcontracting opportunities to diverse suppliers provide significant value to BNY Mellon and support our overall corporate goals. We cultivate strategic alliances with companies that are equally committed to supplier diversity and request reporting on subcontracting to diverse suppliers through our Tier II Program.

If you are reporting your firm’s diverse supplier utilization for BNY Mellon’s Tier II Program, please click on the link below to submit your report.

For Supplier Diversity Program-related questions contact BNY Mellon.
For assistance with technical issues with the portal contact CVM.

Begin Your Registration

Our Supplier Registration Portal is intended for diverse suppliers to express interest in working with our company. By submitting your company’s information, you will be entered into our supplier database. If we have an opportunity related to your submission and we see you meet our baseline requirements, we may contact your organization for further information. A submission to the database does not guarantee a business opportunity.

If you are already registered in our portal, please make sure your company’s information is regularly updated.


Tier II Reporting Program

Welcome to the BNY Mellon Tier II Spend Reporting Tool.
Thank you for participating in our Tier II Reporting Program and making Supplier Diversity an important part of your company. We value your partnership in ensuring diverse suppliers have the maximum amount of opportunities to participate in supplier contracts. BNY Mellon accepts Tier II Reporting on a quarterly basis. If the reporting portal is not available when you log in, please contact us.